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George Goyal Houston’s Guide on How an eCommerce Virtual Assistant Can Boost Your Business.

George Goyal from Houston says it is difficult to manage an eCommerce business. The online sellers as well as Amazon sellers on the online marketplaces have to deal with a lot of things to keep their business afloat. This is the major reason why more and more eCommerce entrepreneurs and even solopreneurs are moving to an eCommerce virtual assistant that can help them to manage their online business. 

There might be certain questions such as how can a virtual assistant (VA) help you out with the eCommerce business, how much value can it offer and also how they are better that hiring an on-site employee. This article will explore the benefits of the virtual assistance for the business owners to do their best in the eCommerce world and what the VA can do for the business and also a few tips to hire an excellent VA. 

Benefits of hiring an eCommerce Virtual Assistant

  • The virtual assistant can perform the tasks that you hate and give up to 40% of the day work time. Do you know that the owners tend to spend their 40% of the day doing the time-consuming tasks that don’t generate the income for their company at all? This can be stated from a few of the articles by the well-known companies. 

There are a lot many admin tasks that are vital for the business unit but don’t actually contribute to the company’s growth. Count the number of hours you spend in monitoring the customer feedback and answering the customer queries? Or how much time do you spend making the data entries, updating the databases, writing and updating the product details or simply doing the account tasks? 

Being a business owner, you must spend your time on the things that directly contribute to the growth and expansion of the company. Such important but non-income tasks are better to be left to the capable hands of a virtual assistant for eCommerce. 

As the added benefit, one can assign the tedious tasks to the virtual assistant and reduce the stress levels. By clearing the extra work from your daily routine, you can better perform other tasks to push the business forward. 

Virtual assistant are less risky compared to expanding the on-site team

Many eCommerce entrepreneurs and other sellers are hesitant to hire the vistual assistant services due to the usual risks associated with hiring the on-site employees. However, many of such risks don’t really apply to the virtual assistant services. 

Unlike the typical on-site employees, you can hire and depend on the eCommerce virtual assistant only for a few hours you need for as long as you need them. And depending on the place from where you are hiring them, there won’t exist any legal ramifications when you are no more in the requirement of such services any more. 

Virtual assistant cost significantly less than hiring on-site employee

The typical hourly rate of overseas virtual assistant are comparatively lower than the average hourly rate of employees in many European and North American countries. It means, you will be paying significantly less for what you essentially get the same output. Also, if you hire an on-site employee, it involves several added costs such as offline supplies, insurance and other utilities. 

What can a virtual assistant do for you?

There are a lot of tasks that the virtual assistant is capable of doing for you. Such tasks include the admin, as well as customer services, works like: 

  • Managing the Amazon Seller feedback. 
  • Processing the returns and also refunds for the same. 
  • Monitoring the customer reviews and questions and also responding them. 

Some of the virtual assistants are also capable of doing the sales, research and marketing tasks such as: 

  • Managing the promotions
  • Performing the product, discount and market research.
  • Reaching out to the expert influencers. 

Also, most of the store management tasks are usually assigned to the eCommerce virtual assistant. Such tasks include: 

  • Managing the listings
  • Fulfilling the orders
  • Monitoring and managing the inventory
  • Optimize the product listings
  • Editing product images
  • Write and upload the product descriptions
  • Monitor the seller metrics
  • Perform the product procurement

All these tasks barely scratch the surface of what the virtual assistant can do for the business owners. If you wish to know in-depth for the tasks that can be assigned to a virtual assistant, you can look for any specific VA and its details over web. 

After reading all the details and benefits of using the virtual assistant, we are sure you will be ready to opt for the one for your business. 


These are a few of the major points and benefits regarding the use of virtual assistant for your business unit. George Goyal Houston brought you these points to save your time spent over the important but non-income generating tasks. Think well, use virtual assistant and get the best output for your business. 

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