2 posts from day 18/05/2020

Security and Important Benefits of Using Cloud Linux

The Cloud Linux operating system increases server capacity, security, and scalability by allowing organization management to monitor significant asset usage on a shared basis. Customers on the participating server will be recalled if they are on the edge of the property, avoiding the penalty of closing the entire site. They can also monitor I/O charts with CPU, memory, or dashboard charts. One of the most difficult tasks on the web is managing client-server usage, but a framework called Cloud ...

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Why the IoT needs Kubernetes

The Internet of Things has been at the center of our concern in recent years, and we have developed a wealth of knowledge in this area. Our current offering includes a fully customizable IoT platform that provides a variety of options to device manufacturers and users. On the one hand, manufacturers need user and device management, measurement, and product analysis. In contrast, device owners have special control over their devices via mobile apps and web interfaces, can communicate with their ...

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