SecurePro Review

SecurePro Review – Lockly Secure Pro Door Sensor

Having been around for 20 years, SecurePro provides full-service security solutions for homes and businesses. These solutions include video/CCTV, access control, alarm & fire prevention systems, networking, managed IT, and business IoT solutions.  Door sensor  Unlike other door sensors, the Lockly Secure Pro is unmoving and the motor is quiet. This makes it easy to install without making noise outside the house. The hardware feels sturdy and solid, and the touchpad is ...

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thermal paste

The benefits of using thermal paste

Any business that works with computer componentry will be aware of the need to include thermal paste in its inventory list. Thermal paste is a thermally conductive compound of metal oxide and silicone oil.  It is primarily used to fill tiny gaps of air that exist between a central processing unit (CPU) and the heat sink that is there to draw heat away from the CPU. It can also be applied for use with diodes, transistors, semiconductors, and other electronic componentry. Heat transfer...

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Energy-Saving Smart Home

3 Tips for Making an Energy-Saving Smart Home

Energy costs are pushing people to increase their household budgets. This is one of the biggest reasons why families are starting to consider smart home energy solutions to lower their monthly utility bills. Smart home devices revolve around automation. Today, automation has become a big part of our day-to-day lives and is present in our homes as well. So, what exactly is automation? In simple words, automation gives you the ability to control parts of your home from your smartphone, from ...

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Construction Technologies

New Construction Technologies That Make Work Zones Safer

Every professional associated with Construction work would be agreeing to the fact that work zone safety is extremely important to avoid hazards and accidents.  Most importantly construction work as a profession is an extremely dangerous profession and work zone safety should be the priority in the work zone. In this kind of industry, accidents take place very often and could be very dangerous and can even be life-threatening. What is Work Zone Safety? As an unwritten rule, it is ...

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iPad Air 4

Everything You Need to Know About the New iPad Air 4

With over 500 million iPads sold over the past decade, it's no secret that Apple iPads are some of the most popular technology products on the planet. With the introduction of the iPad Air in 2013, iPads have become more technologically advanced and easier to carry around. With Apple continuing to make advancements, the iPad Air 4 has finally hit the market boasting better technology than ever before!  If you're in the market for a new iPad Air or are simply just fascinated by the ...

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3 Dimensional printing

Why 3 Dimensional printing captured the market

In this technology-driven pace, almost every organization is inclined towards online printing or planning to get the benefits of advancement in printing. The reason is it convenient and necessary for the survival of the organizations. Studies have shown that more than seventy percent of organizations have introduced the model of 3D printing in their promotional activities. This projected growth reveals that 3D printing has a brighter future in the upcoming years. This upgraded printing has ...

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Choosing Panel PC

Consider These Before Choosing Panel PC

The industrial panel PC’s design is to meet the demanding needs of standard industrial 4.0 applications, such as great shock and vibration, extreme temperatures, and exposure to dust and moisture. People will get various mounting, processing, and connectivity options with the best panel PC. These features are also suitable for industrial control applications, automation, and human-machine interface, HMI. However, it can be quite challenging considering the environment in which people will ...

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Speed up Android Phone

Top 7 Ways to Speed up Android Phone

We always want our phone to stay new and faster but does it happen? Whether it's an expensive device or a low budget phone,  most of the android devices start behaving slow or sluggish, after a few months.  Reason, low internal storage, cluttered cache, background running apps and so on.  Fortunately, the Android experts have solutions for such problems. In this post, we have listed out the best 7 ways through which you may resolve the speed issues and make your phone run ...

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