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A Buyer’s Guide To Certificate Lifestyle Automation

If you are here, that means you are looking for a guide to certificate lifestyle automation. The task of managing hundreds or thousands of certificates manually isn’t possible.

With manual certificate management, there will be circumstances where you will find yourself in a bind. You might fail to audit outages, or the solution you have come up with might not scale with the business’ needs. If these ring any bell, then you are in the right place.

Certificate Lifestyle Automation

Today enterprises are facing a dire situation with certificate management. To boost their businesses, enterprises are connecting with new people. To manage all the data, companies are using cloud systems, mobile, and IoT based things. However, this has created new challenges for the PKI and security teams.

Keeping pace with all the new connectivity has led to the generation of new keys and certificates. With the increasing number of certificates and the number of devices, organizations are looking for new automation technologies.

Benefit Of Certificate Lifestyle Automation

A digital certification is one of the best ways to create trusted device entities. It uses public-key infrastructure technology. With time, PKI based security has improved. However, this improvement has made security services limited to time. That means they come with an expiration date. This method helps the data be safe and secure; however, digital certificates need to be renewed periodically.

Where To Start?

There are several tools in the market. Every tool has its own specification and provides different features to handle the certificate lifestyle. Some offer their services to large scale companies, and some offer their services to small scale companies. The real difference lies with the vendors who offer their capabilities, and services to implement them.

This is why your team must drill out all the information from the use cases. Collect all the information on how it can be implemented before giving a solution. 

Start with the following guiding principle.

Every Certificate Matters

Remember that there are no second class certificates. Choose the right vendor who doesn’t force you to choose another certificate due to price complexity. If there is a well-architected solution, it will make it easy for the users to manage every certificate without exception.

Use Multi-Cloud

Multi-cloud is the new norm of the market. Every field is related to the multi-cloud system in one way or another. Multi-cloud is the adaptation of mobile devices and the internet of things. The way the internet of things has connected every electronic device, any solution can support the distribution and dynamic nature of the infrastructure. Hence, choose a vendor that allows you to issue certificates from anywhere in the world while giving you complete control and visibility.

Orchestration Over Middleware

The architecture of any platform plays a pivotal role in ease of use and deployment. Hence, avoid any solution that sits somewhere between the certificate authority and devices. Always look for the vendors that offer solutions and issue all certificates through their platform. If you are not getting the mentioned solution, you can always go for the solution that acts as a certificate orchestrator.

Manage The Certificates

You will find that most vendors focus on the SSL certificates used for internet-facing and internal applications. Well, one can admit that it is one of the biggest landscapes in the certification industry. However, do not forget that it is a landscape that is shrinking rapidly. Cloud services, and containers, all use a machine to machine communication that relies on the users’ authentication certificates. If you are lacking in maintaining the history of your clients, you might face severe outages.


Now that you know what you need to do for the certificate lifestyle automation. The digital certificate automation technology is about to reinvent itself. Just wait and prepare yourself to get the best certificate lifestyle automation technologies. We hope that this guide was helpful and was able to answer the question that made you come here.

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