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Fun Games That Are Great Problem Solving Trainers

Looking for a fun and new ways to boost your creativity and get better at problem-solving? Why not try gaming to keep yourself mentally young and active? Games are a perfect way to enhance your logical abilities and critical thinking. So here we list five amazing games that will certainly make you scratch your head: 1. Sprout A short but very endearing puzzle, Sprout, features a mini seed pod that needs to get home by growing into different flora and beautiful hand-drawn landscapes. But ...

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Most Popular Game Genres

Top 5 Most Popular Game Genres

The global Gaming industry is flourishing at a tremendous speed. Today, online gaming is not just a form of entertainment. With a variety of new games penetrating the realm, gaming has become a hot favourite among the masses. No matter what age group a person belongs to enthusiasm for online gaming can be found in everyone. Similar, to a wide variety of gamers, there is an equally wide choice for game genres too.  To know what game types are the most popular among gamers, let’s read ...

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