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Digital Marketing Report Tips by Web Presence

Creating digital marketing reports can seem like a mammoth task, so Web Presence has broken it down into manageable sections to make sure you remember what to include to make your report as accurate and comprehensive as possible. Here are just a few tips on creating a successful digital marketing report.

What is a Digital Marketing Report?

A DMR, or a digital marketing report, is used to take a look at the performance across digital channels, usually every quarter. These tips by Web Presence can help you to create a DMR with all the information you could need. It is a report that shows exactly what your digital marketing is doing. 


KPIs are useful to use in your DMR, as they can show your progress, achievements, and areas to work on. KPIs are Key Performance Indicators, and they are quantifiable measurements that can be used to track your progress and see how successful something is. Usually, your company or boss will set you clear KPIs which you can work towards hitting. However, you may have to set the KPIs, in which case it is important to consider the inbound marketing methodology, as this can be a good place to start. 

Report Structure

Understanding how to structure your report is very important, as not everyone who sees it will be a marketing expert or have the same level of knowledge as you. It needs to be accurate and informative but also as accessible as possible. It is tempting just to include the positive things that you have done, but it is vital to include areas that need work, as well as plans for how to achieve this. Including your plans to work on areas that may be lacking, as well as your general plans for the future are both good ideas, as it shows your processes and the fact that you are thinking about possible outcomes and goals, not just focusing on the things that have gone well in the past. 


Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads are a way to further categorize the leads that come into your business. A lead is a person who is potentially interested in your product or service. Categorizing and defining your leads into MQL or SQL can help to better display and assess your marketing strategies and leads. Marketing and Sales teams can consult each other and set different criteria for MQLs or SQLs. Sales teams assess the SQLs, and marketing teams assess the MQLs.


There are plenty of tools on the internet for varying costs that can help you to produce your DMR. Google Analytics is a common tool for businesses to use to be able to see and understand their marketing data. It is free and easily connectable to your website, but it also has its downsides. Thankfully, due to the many options and tools available, you can find one which works for you. You can think about the kind of data you need to gather, the budget for these tools, and whether you need more advanced solutions to create more in-depth DMRs. 

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