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Fun Games That Are Great Problem Solving Trainers

Looking for a fun and new ways to boost your creativity and get better at problem-solving? Why not try gaming to keep yourself mentally young and active? Games are a perfect way to enhance your logical abilities and critical thinking. So here we list five amazing games that will certainly make you scratch your head:

1. Sprout

A short but very endearing puzzle, Sprout, features a mini seed pod that needs to get home by growing into different flora and beautiful hand-drawn landscapes. But as there are no instructions, you need to figure things out as you get along on this botanical-puzzle-adventure.

2. BlockuDoku

This block puzzle is a fab blend of Sudoku with blocks. The objective is to drag the blocks from the bottom panel and drop them onto the playing board to strategically complete lines or squares and score your best. It is an excellent teaser for you to play anytime and anywhere. The BlockuDoku block puzzle is highly entertaining and is designed for both beginners as well as pro-players. Its ultimate aim is to keep the field clutter-free, or you lose the game.

3. Splitter

The splitter is like slicing your way to success. In this wonderful puzzle, your aim is to slice and cut through the wooden blocks to create a path for the characters to reach the target and escape. Things are easy as you begin, but as you escalate, levels get challenging. The game is super addictive and highly manipulative.

4. River Crossing 

This is one of the best puzzle games of all time. The animations are amusing, and your aim is to get the characters across the river in a small boat. Only the father, mother, and the guard knows how to use the raft, and other instructions can be followed on the game. So put your abilities to the test with this simple-looking yet challenging puzzle.

5. Factory Balls

The factory balls puzzle is a fascinating game. The objective is to drag and drop the ball with different tools to produce the required ball physics. The levels are not too tricky, but the gameplay is impressive. Plus, the background music also keeps you active and engrossed.

Problems arise all around us and every other day. Where several people react with spontaneous emotions, others contain their feelings. What you must ideally do is learn to apply your problem-solving skills to overcome these challenges effectively. Gaming helps you adopt such abilities and appropriately face real-world problems. So we hope you like these fun games and learn something useful from their gameplay.  

Happy puzzling!

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