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How IoT impact on our daily life

The concept of The Internet of things (IoT) is very difficult in people’s minds, IoT is the advance technology to transmit the information to the advance objects. Mostly the concept is it is used only in big-corporations and no use in humans life. They even don’t have an idea that the devices we use normally in our day to day routine they also a similar term like we use most electronics in the home the connect to the internet and send or receive information through a computer, the most common example is smart Tv.an another example is the monitoring devices used in hospitals where all the work is done through the network.

Here we will discuss how IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS) impacts our daily lives.

Uses at home

In our homes today mostly gadgets are working through internet connections, they have sensors to monitors like automatic water supply pumps, sensor lights, security systems. Most big companies are working on home automation, they introduce many devices like the set the light to control your room temperature without getting up from your bed. Even many students perform assignment writing service on IoT. Imagine when you wake up with an alarm and when you stop alarm it automatically connects with your coffee maker when you come after getting fresh your coffee already brewed. But it looks luxury only for wealthy peoples and not use in every home, but in the future, the cost of these utilities will go down and available for everyone.

Uses in transportation

The people are facing big issues with the public transportation system. Its is very difficult to find the arrival of buses and train some times you drop down the signals and when they arrive maximum chance you will get full and you cant able to board them but now this problem is solved for them who are using the internet of things. They connected wifi systems in many transportation systems and internet connection is made easy to travel. The big car manufacturer companies are also investing in connectivity services in cars they installed many built-in connectivity functions like they offer traffic information in real-time. diagnose vehicle time, road sensors, parking assistance and many more and make very convenient for drivers.the car owners get notify about the problem before any big accident, it controls many unnecessary expenses and increase the fuel efficiency also, these costs are more than the internet of things by providing this useful information.

Uses in parking

Parking hazards are a major problem in all over the world, vehicles take too much time, wastage of fuel and energy to find parking. During the rush hour situation become ridiculous, the internet of things can change the system and already introduce many technologies to solve this problem in any part of the world.now users can easily check the availability of parking spots from their house, they can pay through an online wallet.

Uses in health

The IoT put a big impact on health industries they assist the doctors to access the patient record on time, in hospitals, there are many devices to track patients data, also there many smart devices who sensor the blood pressure, monitor glucose level, many smartwatches who tract the patient’s heart rate, calories burning level and many smart services who help the patients in an emergency.

Use for environment and pollution

The greatest way of IoT technologies is to monitor the environment and pollution. Some devices are monitoring the air quality outside of your homes.there are smart meters in our homes that drop-down our energy use. the sensors who give the signals to and showing their pollution level in the city They put water sensors who check the water level in rivers and lakes who prevent flooding.also the smart irrigation system helps the farmers.

Uses in business

The Internet of things also helping businesses.in stores, there are smart devices who track the customers’ behaviors in stores. They make apps for customers for online shopping and send sends promotions and vouchers to the customers’ phones from time to time.there are more equipment who are using in the manufacturing processes, quality controls, emergency alert sensors, cameras also used to monitor the activities in companies. It makes consumers produce at low cost, shipping is easier, provide transparency in the transaction. It is very helpful to control our lives and support behind all the works.

Use for employments

IoT internet of things put too much implement on know-how or in-house talent, just because high tech skills people have no issues finding jobs over the next years. It has a very good impact on our lives and job market, the industrial revolution and assembly line has risen in production. this network connects many devices for repetitive, for today’s work task, also it has a disadvantage because many people lose their job because of these tedious tasks. but overall if some lose their jabs other lots of jobs also created, we need to look big side of the picture. Humans take interest to solve big problems interestingly.

Use for communication

There are lots of IoT devices who are connected virtually, uses for transferring data it is very helpful for living people and business society. Many devices are connected to the internet to communicate, send and receive data to each other via Ip. people easily communicate with each other, it makes simplify the process. Still, the companies are working on it to improve the networks all over the world.

Use for security

There is one question is in everyone’s mind “is IoT secure?” honestly the answer would be NO even in the same way the internet and life also not secure. There are some economic laws of security: security high will cost high. Always the value is equal to the cost of anything, but it is not simple, how you will evaluate the value of IoT? ask the director for the value of some antique piece in the museum or ask the parent to the value of their child alone outside. How you measure the risk? Spend a little time to read anything about security is something like we underestimate the risk. But our scientist currently working on the security measures but still how we can say we are secure.

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