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Themes Driving the Future of Mobile Messaging

It is very important to be able to make communication to keep personal and professional ties correctly in place. The relationship between mobile messaging and people have been very crucial as a platform. Texting and messaging is an important part of life, especially when you are alone and want to express your feelings to your dear ones. 

Over the years, the mode of communications has changed, from papers and letters to phones and then from wired phones to wireless phones. Over the ages and period of time, everything has changed. Now the ways of texting or messaging have also changed. Now there are various texting applications that can be installed on the android phone, and they can be used for texting or messaging.

Themes Driving the Future of Mobile Messaging 

Mobile messaging has already gone through a lot of changes, and it is yet to go through some more changes, but before that, we need to know some important things.

Privacy and Authenticity 

The invention of the social media platforms was basically because people were looking for a platform to text for free, unlike the paid messaging applications. All the social media were invented as a requirement of the humankind, who wanted to understand the need. Over time all the features and the significance of the messaging applications have changed. As days passed and applications have been developed, what has been developed more in the security and the privacy of the application. 

The self-emotion expression has gradually become self-promotional in nature, and the ways of expressions have been changed even more now, they have added all the emoticons to make a better expression. The orientation and reorientation happen and we do not know how exactly the change is taking place, but whatever is the change, the compatibility with the people remains the same. 72% of Americans have said that they use messaging apps more than emails or phone calls. The feature that is taken care of most in the comfort of the person, it is believed that talking over the phone with a stranger for the first time could cause discomfort. As far as texting or messaging is concerned, it makes you feel comfortable, and you get enough time to think and then respond. 

Causes Genuine Interaction

Experts say that at least 70% of the social media messaging applications are very authentic and genuine, hence your privacy will be maintained completely. At least 44% of people reported that their chats comprised 46 six people and their privacy has never been compromised. The group chats are mostly very active and almost everyone who is in any particular group does respond, and often very personal information is shared, but they are not leaked. Leave aside people; now, the big brands are also allowing options of messaging applications to be in touch with their customers continuously. 

Professionally the messaging applications have also helped the brands and the businessmen to take care of all the customers. As the world has become more and more digitized, people have started to become more restless. They wish to talk to the customer executive as soon as they look for any product; in other words, they need the service of digital just like; they get in retail. The brands that have implemented this system have been very proficient in the use of messaging applications for the brands. 

Word Vs. Visuals 

Spoken words are the oldest form of communication, but the messaging applications have become important because they allow sending pictures and images, which is not possible to use while talking over the phone. Hence the use of the visuals in a conversation is very important as it allows you to send all the image references to anyone. If it was just about words, then words could be spoken over telephone or mobile, but it also concerns the images and photos. Nothing could be a better platform than a messaging application. 


Like there are some great advantages to mobile messaging applications, there are some disadvantages too. Being too much into mobile phones for messaging will increase your screen time, and this is bad for your eyes. So if you are using too much mobile phone for messaging or work purposes, make sure that you use the mobile phone in reading mode. 

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