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What Makes a Great International SEO Strategy?

If you feel as though your company deserves a place on the international stage, it might be time to think about developing an effective SEO strategy to increase your brand’s visibility on a global scale. 

SEO and content marketing tend to be incredibly important parts of any well-rounded marketing campaign, but when transitioning to an international level, there are more than a few extra details worth concerning yourself with. 

In order to make the most out of your efforts, here are some pointers on what a great international SEO strategy might consist of. 

Check Your Analytics

Branching out and targeting a completely new audience will likely be a fruitless endeavor without the research to back you up. 

To start off proceedings, checking your current analytics to see where in the world your organic traffic is coming from exactly might be able to help you determine who to aim for. 

For example, if there happened to be a natural influx of French users visiting your website, then voila, you may already have an audience waiting to get hold of your brand. 

Use the Right Language

SEO and content marketing go together like peas in a pod, yet content marketing to another country can be difficult, particularly if a hefty language barrier is getting in the way. 

Language is incredibly nuanced and complex, so it might be worth implementing a language service provider to help you achieve the highest quality translation possible across all of your content and SEO efforts. This can be a great way to automate your translations while at the same time having an experienced professional to consult should you need some advice. 

Geographical Keyword Research

The popularity of keywords will likely differ at least partially depending on the geography of the user, so making sure to do some location-based keywords research is an essential part of finding out who exactly your audience is. 

Understanding consumer habits can be another important part of SEO, so striving to draw an accurate portrait of your target audience is a must if you aim to cater your marketing strategy to their needs. 

The Digital Presence of Your Competitors

Finding out about your competitors is vital if you aim to try and rise above them in the search engine rankings and outshine their presence online. 

Understanding the scale of their digital presence may inform you of which keywords you should or should not be using. 


Sometimes, simply getting your content translated will not be enough to come across as authentic, or it will appear as a byzantine mess of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. 

This is why localization can be so important, as it helps to give relevant meaning to your content when presenting it to a different audience who may or may not speak a different language. 

Recognizing the difference in nuance is imperative if you wish to make a sincere impression on your new readers. For example, if you are trying to market your content to a reader in the UK from the US, despite both being English-speaking countries, failing to adapt your language to the difference in culture can stick out like a sore thumb. 

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