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6 Popular Manga Websites That You Can use Instead of MangaFox

MangaFox is a popular free website for reading manga online. It offers you a plethora of manga series that you can read here whenever you want to. Being a free manga website, some ISPs have blocked it in their area of service because of potential copyright issues. If you are facing the same problem and you can’t access this website in your area, then you are in the right place. 

We are going to share with you the best alternatives to MangaFox that you can go to, to read your favorite Manga Online    


When we talk about the top-rated online manga platforms, Mangastream is the first name that comes to mind. This website is the best free alternative to MangaFox that you can find online. Being a widely popular website, this website has a huge collection of manga series from a variety of genres that you can check out. It offers you an engaging user interface that allows you to easily surf through the entire website. You won’t have any problems looking for and reading the series that you want to read. 


Crunchyroll is a wildly popular anime and manga website that offers you a huge collection of subbed anime series and manga comics that you can read here. This website has 2 kinds of access levels. One is for the free users and the other is for premium users. You need to buy the subscription for this website if you want to use its services without any kind of limitation. It has a huge collection of manage series for you that you can read online.    


Looking for a website that gives you access to the latest manga series in the fastest way possible, you should check out Mangareader. This website doesn’t ask you for any kind of subscription or account creation. Like Mangastream, it is free to use. The UI design is the best feature of this website. It offers you the latest manga series as well as old-time classics from a variety of genres. Access to this website is simple and hassle-free.     


mangahere is a trending manga website that has been around for a long time now. It has a huge base of users all over the world and the number of shows here is simply awesome. The thing that sets this website apart is its engaging UI design and impressive user experience that it offers to its readers. Its UI is elegant and better than most manga websites that you find out there.

Whether you want to read a specific manga, or you are looking for an update to a series that you are reading, this website would offer you an interactive way to get to that.   


Kissmanga would be your only stop for getting quick access to a huge number of manga series that you can read here online for free. If you use kissanime for watching anime shows, you’d quite like this episode because it has almost the same user interface. In fact, you can even create an account here for downloading manga on your PC that you can read later. It is a top-rated manga website which is highly recommended.  


MangaPanda might not come off as attractive as you might expect it to, in terms of UI design, but still, it is one of the best manga reading websites that you can find online. That is because of the huge number of shows that it has to offer. It is free to use, and the Web UI is simple to navigate. You can visit Past News to learn more about similar manga platforms. MangaPanda offers you a simple yet interactive way of reading manga online.

7.Wrapping Up 

Online Manga reading websites have become quite popular because of the ease of access that they have to offer. Still, the user experience differs from website to website. The websites that we have reviewed here, they all offer a rich user experience which allows you to read manga in a much more fun way. Make sure to check out all these Online Manga websites to read your favorite manga series online.    

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