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Best Digital Catalog Software To Make Interactive Catalog

Digital catalog

First, you should know what exactly is a catalog? A catalog is called a magazine or journal which contains the list and information about the products and services offered by you. Potential customers will browse and see images and information regarding the features of the product.

An online catalog refers to an online version of product information instead of a physical copy. Customers can see the online catalog on the internet on a PC, Mobile phone, or tablet. You can add pictures, audio-video clips to make the catalog more impressive that can attract more customers towards your products. You can embed the links of the online catalog to other external sites like Facebook, YouTube to show the online catalog in action. An online catalog offers you to sell the products directly.

Best digital catalog software for creating online catalog

  • FlipHTML5

It is the most popular digital catalog software which provides you several features. You may customize your creation with many readymade templates to create professional online content in the form of a catalog, leaflets, magazines, brochures, etc. FlipHTML5 also allows you to flip the pages vertically and horizontally. While making an online catalog through FlipHTML5 you can add images, audio, and video very easily without a need for a desktop client. You can access the online content anywhere, anytime that is created with FlipHTML5. This is considered as number one digital catalog software on our list.

  • FlippingBook

This online catalog creator changes the regular PDF file into a digital catalog with a flipping page feature that looks professional. It also allows you to make links to other websites. It will help the customers to shop directly from the online catalog. You can make a customized book and make the content table which helps the buyers to reach the page of the product directly. There is a search tool for searching for a particular product. You can easily navigate the longest products also.

  • 3D Issue

This is the digital creator that offers both the downloadable desktop software and digital 3D catalog creator for laptops and Mac. You can host the catalog creation on your own server or 3D Issue server. You can distribute an online catalog with the help of this software however you desire. You can combine it with other websites or you may provide it as downloadable content to your customers. 3D Issue digital catalog creator offers you a variety of impressive content like readymade templates and videos. With 3D Issue, you can easily track your viewers and enhance the sale of the products you offer.

  • Cloud catalog

As its name suggested, this software is a cloud-based digital catalog creator where there is no need for a download. This software is specially designed for the sale purpose. The customers can buy your product directly from the digital catalog. This software offers a multi-currency device for handling global sales very easily and rapidly. The Cloud catalog also offers you a feature of customization of the catalog according to your branding.

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