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New Construction Technologies That Make Work Zones Safer

Every professional associated with Construction work would be agreeing to the fact that work zone safety is extremely important to avoid hazards and accidents. 

Most importantly construction work as a profession is an extremely dangerous profession and work zone safety should be the priority in the work zone. In this kind of industry, accidents take place very often and could be very dangerous and can even be life-threatening.

What is Work Zone Safety?

As an unwritten rule, it is extremely important to ensure that the workers working on the site are professionals and are trained well. This is the most important factor in a construction site. It is crucial to keep every individual working in a particular work zone safe. they should be having proper gears and should be wearing PPE suits so that they are visible, most importantly when they are traveling in a public place.

Besides, water-filled barriers like the plastic jersey barriers should be installed wherever needed to protect all the workers from cyclists and motorists and also to mark the area that is under construction.

Apart from keeping all the construction workers safe, it is crucial to also alert the public that there is construction going on and they need to stay away from that particular work zone. With the hike in technology today, informing the residents has become very easy and comfortable. Once the residents stay away from the site the risk of injury and hazard occurrence reduces.

6 Construction Technologies That Make Work Zones Safer

Here are 6 technologies that are invented to make a construction site safe for its workers

1. Self Driving Equipment

Self-driving equipment is a type of machine that can work automatically or with the help of a remote. With this equipment, the workers do not have to drive heavy equipment to the construction site. So this can help in reducing the risk of wrong driving in the work zone.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality programs are very helpful in construction sites. In these programs, trainees are allowed to step into a construction site that is virtual and they can learn the skills and basics of construction in a safe risk-free environment. 

Trainees can simulate dangerous mistakes in virtual reality. This gives the workers a lot of experience. These programs are proven to reduce numerous accidents.

3. Drones

work zone safety has become extremely easy with the use of drones. Drones are now used to inspect the construction site. These also help in looking out for hazards and potential accidents and also helps in keeping a watch on the workers.

4. Sensors

Every construction site is full of hazards and most of them are not easily visible or sensed. These sensors are a way of reducing work zone risks and hazards. 

These sensors when placed around the work zone they can immediately sense fire and toxins present in the air. Once the toxins are sensed the workers can immediately evacuate the work zone before any accidents.

5. Exoskeletons

These exoskeletons are power-assisted suits. This exoskeleton allows the workers to easily lift heavy objects. These also help in using heavy machines for a longer period. These exoskeletons help in reducing fatigue and can also help in reducing back and spinal injury. These exoskeletons make it a lot easier and also safer to work with tools and objects that are heavy.

6. Wearables

Wearables are safety vests and suits that have GPS, airbags, sensors, real-time locating, and so on. These wearables can sense whether the air particulates are hazardous or not. 

These can find out the location of workers in case they go missing and can be found as soon as possible. These can help in reducing the risk of injuries in a work zone.

We all agree to the fact that technology does improve the safety of a work zone especially like a construction site where accidents are very frequent. 

It is also important to understand that each of these technologies is for the betterment of the workers and everyone associated with the construction process and so it needs to be used very wisely properly. 

By the proper use of these technologies, the workers can always be protected even in times when they are working in accident-prone areas.

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