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Highest Paying DevOps Jobs in Hyderabad

DevOps have brought a cultural transformation in the fields of IT by providing a new dimension for the collaboration of developers and operations. The demand for DevOps engineers is on a hike, with no sign of slowing down. According to the Glassdoor, a DevOps engineer gets a salary of $100,000 on average; even then, it is not sufficient to fill the DevOps job positions.

How can you become a Hyderabad?

As a DevOps engineer, you should look at the problems and challenges by keeping yourself in the shoe of a developer. To maintain the code for several years, you need to learn Git. 

You should have the foundational knowledge of System Engineering. It is an interdisciplinary field of engineering management that focuses on design, integration, and managing complex systems over their life cycles. System Engineering includes dealing with optimization methods, work processes, and risk management tools in projects. You should be able to automate and explain system administration tasks.

Since Cloud is embraced by nearly all the companies and used in some way, you should be able to prove yourself in the job market with real-time experience working with the Cloud.

You should possess the knowledge and experience in Kubernetes, and know what the container is. It would help if you also focused on using the container during CI or CD builds. You can learn all of these skills, get hands-on practice on these tools, and work on industry-level projects with DevOps training in Hyderabad.

DevOps is a methodology, idea, and culture; quite obviously, you require excellent soft skills. To become a successful DevOps engineer, you should be able to communicate with people, influence them, and adapt their working methods and ideologies.

Skills required to become a DevOps Engineer

First things first, strong collaboration skills, since DevOps engineer is the one who bridges the gap between developer and operations by talking with the people, the silos should be broken down, and DevOps should be introduced and implemented by the engineer. 

Secondly, understanding the DevOps tools, DevOps is in-demand and is continuously changing, learning the primary DevOps tools to ensure you are up to the snuff is essential. Having your hold on the following tools will have an impact on your resume: Source tools like Git, Bitbucket, Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Configuration Management tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Deployment Automation tools like Jenkins, VSTS, Octopus Deploy, Containers like Docker, Vagrant, Orchestration tools like Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm, and Cloud Platforms like AWS, GCP, Azure.

Lastly, possessing knowledge of Software security skills, automation technologies & tools, Coding & scripting, Cloud, testing skills, and having a customer-centric mind are necessary skills required to become a DevOps engineer. 

DevOps Engineer Jobs in Hyderabad

With over 5774+ Job positions for DevOps engineers in Hyderabad from top-notch companies and an average of ₹603k per year, you will get a kick start for a flourishing career in the IT industry. A DevOps engineer is paid a minimum of ₹327k per year and goes up to ₹1,387k per year. 

The salary ranges concerning the year of experience, few are mentioned below:

  • Salesforce pays from ₹1,878k to ₹2,118k per year.
  • Amazon pays from ₹121k to ₹1571k and an average of ₹10,48,365 per year.
  • Intel Corporation pays from ₹945k to ₹1,042k per year.
  • IBM pays from ₹408k to ₹1,422k per year.
  • Accenture pays from ₹794k to ₹1,234k per year.
  • Infosys pays from ₹718k to ₹1,452k per year.
  • Oracle pays from ₹511k to ₹928k per year.
  • Capgemini pays from ₹383k to ₹860k per year.
  • DXC Technology pays from ₹402k to ₹1,114k per year.
  • Microsoft pays from ₹65k to ₹71k per month.

How can you get the DevOps Jobs in Hyderabad?

To get a DevOps engineer job in Hyderabad, you need hands-on experience of development, testing, and deployment technologies. It would help if you showcased at least a few of the industry level projects you have worked on and have a firm grip on the critical DevOps tools mentioned earlier (Source tools, Continuous Integration, Configuration Management tools, Deployment Automation, Orchestration tools, and cloud platform). 

The DevOps training in Hyderabad will prepare you for starting your career as a DevOps engineer. You can become an expert in the concepts of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration, and IT service agility, using modern DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, and Nagios along with DevOps certification. This DevOps certification will add value to your resume and make you stand out of an ocean of engineers.

You will be confident enough about your knowledge of the DevOps tools and will be able to work in any of the industry and satisfy the job requirements. You can also apply to your dream company and grab the salary package you always wished to have after getting the DevOps training in Hyderabad.

Does DevOps Certification help you in getting a job?

It is evident in the IT industry that having a certification fattens the paychecks. With DevOps Certification, you will boost your pay and recognition. You will be able to highlight the technical knowledge you possessed with the certification and hence prove your experience handling the DevOps tools. Also, in case you did not previously belong to DevOps related job position, and you wish to lay your career lane in DevOps, a certification can make it easier for you to land on a job you always wanted to work on. 


There are many vacancies for a DevOps engineer position in Hyderabad, subject to several reasons we mentioned before. To get a proper job as a DevOps Engineer in Hyderabad, you require the appropriate training, which inculcates the right skills and provides industry level project experience to get placed. 

DevOps has a promising career, and you can enjoy a big fat salary along with job satisfaction. Without any delay, get the DevOps training in Hyderabad. You will never be disheartened after pursuing the practice, for sure! 

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