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How AngularJS Works In-Company Projects

Hi developer! Maybe you work in one of the best AngularJS development companies, where you are a part of the development team and you create large projects. In fact, this framework is more suitable for developing complex projects with a rigorous structure. Therefore, it is very important for you to know how AngularJS works in company projects, all its features, and the result of work. This article outlines the requirements for large projects, tips on how to create them, the features of working with Angular in such cases. Let’s begin!

Where is AngularJS used?  Angular is a JavaScript framework. Its library helps you create web applications. This technology has a fairly low barrier of entry, so it often becomes the next and quite logical step after learning JavaScript. The value of such specialists is increased in development companies – a person’s capabilities expand and the understanding that programming is about continuous learning and development is consolidated. The development of AngularJS applications is a forward-looking direction and continues to gain in popularity, so choosing it as the next step in development is a good decision. Thanks to the features of the framework, you can improve the quality of the code and reduce the time to write it. As I wrote above, this framework is more suitable for developing brunched projects. The perfect design of large websites and their reliable operation is the main requirement for creating such projects. According to many web developers, Angular is not suitable for start-up projects (it is better to do them using React), because, in the case of Angular, we are talking about the sites of big organizations, banks, for example. Therefore, it is not surprising that even PayPal is using AngularJS. And thanks to this framework, this online banking system is now available in more than 200 countries around the world!

Creating a website on AngularJS is not a guarantee of success. It is necessary to keep in sight the goals of the project, the needs of its target audience, and discuss all the details with the customer. It is important to understand what Angular is for, and not mindlessly use it in any situation. Usually, the customer can choose whether one specialist or team will work on his project. If we are talking about a team, it should include the Designer, Project Manager, Team Lead, Developer, and QA Specialist. The team must be flexible to the wishes of the customer, quickly make the necessary changes in the process of creating a project, understand the purpose of the project, and rely on the budget. It is important that developers keep up with the times, execute orders on time (not in the last hours of the deadline), have all the necessary skills, use the most effective combinations and approaches. 

Why are we talking about AngularJS’s work in a company’s projects? Angular is chosen to develop large projects that are written entirely from scratch. It is clear that such work can be better done by a properly assembled team rather than one developer. Specialists must be able to interact in company projects and use proven methods of their creation. The team must be ready to solve any tasks: from urgent, if deadlines are burning and you need to finish the project as quickly as possible, to those that are aimed at the future (updating the application through a new version of the framework, for example). A lively community helps in development because it provides: custom solutions that can be integrated into your project; the opportunity to look at other people’s work and evaluate what can be done with Angular; assistance in solving complex issues (especially important for Angular, since many complex branched projects are built on it). 


Since web applications have become an integral part of modern web life, AngularJS is widely used to create them. Such large projects are often created not by one developer, but by a whole team.  The process of team development of the application should include the following 6 steps: planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration, maintenance. This can be provided by a properly assembled development team of professionals with all the skills. Again, I’m writing about Project Manager, Team Lead, Designer, Developer, etc. This can be provided by a properly assembled Angularjs Development company of professionals with all the skills. So, I hope you found something useful for yourself and learned how to create a successful company project using this framework!

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