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How to Drive Client Loyalty for Your Medical Spa Business

With an increasing number of people opening up medical spas to cater to the growing needs of the beauty and wellness industry, there is perhaps no better time than now for customers. While the customers are spoilt with choice, the medical spas find it increasingly challenging to sustain and survive the intense competition. There are multiple studies to establish the fact that even though businesses have to be agile and quick in acquiring new clients, the cost of adding new clients is much higher than retaining an existing client. A back-of-the-envelope calculation indicates that the cost of acquiring a new client is as much as ten times the cost of retaining an existing client. Therefore, having an efficient client management program, or in other words, a loyalty program, is the need of the hour. A well thought and designed client loyalty program can be the driving force of your business and help you get up to 60% of your revenue through repeated visits and increased spending by existing clients.  So, let us look at the ways in which you can design your loyalty program and allow clients to make the best of it.

Points Accrual System for Revenue Spends

One of the ways to set up a loyalty system is to have a points allotment system. What does it take to get one point in your med spa? For e.g, your point system can be as simply be that for every dollar spent the client would get one point. Thus, each time a client books an appointment and the same is invoiced the points are allocated to the client’s ledger. The system can be easily implemented using the customer relationship module of medical spa software. No sooner than an appointment is invoiced and payment is collected, the software will allocate the required points to the client’s account. Aside from revenue spending, you can allow clients to get more points through client referrals, pre-booked appointments, and promo days appointments. For each successful new client acquired through word-of-mouth promotion, you can give a one-time point accrual to both the referrer and referee. Once the clients have a certain level of points, they should be allowed to utilize the points to avail of gift cards, and discounts on products and services. 

Create a Tiered System 

In order to augment the program, you can create a 3-tiered loyalty system. The system is similar to what airlines have been doing for decades now. The tier system works in tandem with your points system and upgrades the client’s level after their points reach a certain threshold. For instance, your loyalty program can have a basic, premier, and elite level. In order to make the tiered system more effective, you can provide extra services at no additional cost to the clients who are at the premiere and elite levels. To cite an example, your loyalty program can be designed to offer a standard 10% and 24% discount on the rack rates to premier and elite clients, respectively. Moreover, each year that the client maintains a certain level, you can offer them bonus services free of charge. Such a reward system will create a lasting relationship between your clients and your business and considering the benefits they do not jump the ship at every possible opportunity. 

Provide Customized Deals on the Client’s Special Days

Let us be real. Everyone likes to be loved and adored on their birthdays and anniversaries. There is perhaps a no better way to tell the clients that your business sees them as potential partners and not merely customers. It is your way of rewarding your client’s loyalty by offering them products, services, or discount coupons as their birthday or anniversary surprises. While these targeted promotions may not cost you much, it goes a long way in establishing that your business cares for the client and is looking to nurture the relationship. Furthermore, the CRM module of a med spa software will ensure that the benefits reach only the deserving clients. 

An optimally designed and executed loyalty program can do wonders for your business. Aside from creating a lasting relationship with your clients, it also helps create a community. You can also encourage your clients to post about their experience at your med spa and include the loyalty program on social media. Alternatively, you can post about your elite and premier clients on your social media page as a way to award them recognition for patronizing your business. Various med spa software such as Zenoti, BePos, MindBody, Vagaro, and Wellyx have a separate module to help you manage the loyalty program. These modules can be easily customized to meet the requirements of your business and help you drive an error-free loyalty program with an improved client experience

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