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Introvert Much? Here’s How to Blog Anonymously

Among the many advantages of the internet is its allowance for anonymity. It is for those who like to keep their identities private while providing their personal stories. Also, for those that are shy about the thought of debating in public. And many other personalities that need it for different censoring reasons. But practicing anonymity on the net can have some defeats like the audience not allowing credibility or taking your information lightly as it isn’t from a real person. To avoid challenges like these, the following ways can help to blog incognito:

Use a John Doe Site

Blogging has many advantages on the net, but anonymous blogging may have fewer than the former. For this, you can channel an anonymous site that promotes discourse by faceless beings. Through it, you can start to voice out, and when you reach a level, you can shift to publishing on your own site and build credibility anonymously. An anonymity inhabitant site will allow you to reach out to people on an authentic level and develop open discourse skills. 

Introvert Much? Here’s How to Blog Anonymously

Acquire a Penname

Famous authors with great stories to tell often use pennames to keep their identities hidden and avoid unneeded fame. You can do the same, and under a prodigal pen name, you can publish your stories, get attention with a unique name, and get attention directed to your writings and not you. Choose a penman carefully and refrain from using it on several platforms or personal channels to get unneeded attention or identity revealed. Pick a pseudonym that has meaning to your blog and that which has a ring to it.

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