• Outpace the Competition with NetbaseQuid Market Intelligence

Outpace the Competition with NetbaseQuid Market Intelligence

Brands now have tools on hand that can reach customers that were otherwise left in the dark. Market intelligence tools offer highly accurate assessments. It’s an innovation that unleashes an unparalleled competitive edge.

Benefits of Market Intelligence

Market intelligence tools help businesses better respond to their environment and emerging events. This can be as simple as refining a marketing campaign or as dire as managing a crisis situation in real-time. In either case, companies are best served to already have the needed intelligence tools on hand. This requires choosing the right solution, then customizing it for your specific needs. Modern tools offer seemingly endless options. It’s important to remain aware of what tools are available and how they can be best used.

Common Market Intelligence Tools

Intelligence tools and emerging trends overlap. This is the nature of AI. Nevertheless, tools need to be refined to be practical for business professionals. Some of the most common market intelligence tools are listed below:

  • AI-driven social media analytics
  • campaign tracking
  • influencer identification
  • visualization of data for actionable insights
  • mining robust sources of data
  • uploadable datasets designed for variable analysis
  • holistic analysis
  • flexible data applications
  • social intelligence
  • competitive intelligence
  • trend identification
  • optional applications for insight extraction

Companies like NetbaseQuid offer a suite of products. This allows the tools listed above to be tailored for a particular company. It also presents resources in a way that they can be best used. Below is a list of some crucial areas where marketers gain an advantage as well as assets for brand health:

  • product launches
  • crisis management
  • white space innovation
  • customer care
  • innovation
  • event management
  • help in establishing baselines
  • overall brand health

Making the Best of Intelligence Tools

One of the greatest advantages of employing intelligence tools is the capacity to leverage more market options. Numerous sources of information become available to create an accurate picture of a broad environment. From there, companies can further their plans and respond appropriately. Tools should be customized for each organization. The advantages of this become quickly obvious. Transparency is also a profound asset when this level of data is capable of being manipulated to a high degree.

Outpace the Competition

Market intelligence tools improve how a business responds to market conditions. It’s about better positioning. Knowledge is often the deciding factor between competitors. However, the modern online environment is one that is flooded with data. Marketers need tools that are not only powerful but can discern what is most relevant. This is where AI has transformed online business. Each company will have a different game plan and hence requires a tool uniquely customized for its operations.

About NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid pioneers social analytics. Its services help businesses reach their goals. The company was formed when Netbase, an analytics company specializing in social media, saw the advantages of pairing with the artificial intelligence of Quid. What transpired was a revolutionary solution. Businesses now have access to the premier custom solution to support their planning and management of online enterprises. It’s about having the best tools to leverage market conditions when planning. The other side of the coin is the ability to act. With NetbaseQuid, companies and their brands can respond to emerging issues and trends in real-time. NetbaseQuid clients understand that there’s no substitute for outpacing the competition.

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