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How can construction companies use a digital strategy to sell their expertise?

The digital marketing strategy has proven itself so far because its goal is to convert ordinary visitors into real prospects. Construction companies can sustain their activities by implementing sophisticated inbound marketing, including content marketing, social media strategy, and SEO. If you are construction professionals looking for new prospects to make your business profitable, but you are having difficulty making contact with your prospects, this article is for you!

Website optimization: content strategy

When you are just starting your marketing campaign, it is always important to consider certain information. Start by putting yourself in the mind of your prospect: what are their expectations, how could they tell you about their problems and ensure their expertise? Have you proven yourself to some of your clients, and if so, are there any testimonials you can build on?

Optimizing your website is an indisputable step in a successful digital strategy. The quality content that you offer to your audience will be appreciated, especially since it ensures good SEO service for your site or blog. 

For an eye-catching editorial line, you should write as neat and concise as possible. Emphasize relevant information. First, titles should be as short as they are short. However, they should already provide the information, because concise titles do not mean imprecision. Headings and headings should be used wisely. Use different font sizes if necessary. 

Second, your paragraphs should each center on an idea. Be direct by getting to the point. Write short sentences without exceeding 20 words. Remember that the turns should be simple, reflecting tangible realities. Above all, be careful not to use a promotional tone that tends to complicate the reading and scare the reader away further. Remember that your content needs to engage people.

The development of the social media strategy

There are ways to make your social media strategy efficient and profitable. Above all, it is essential to plan content according to social networks, and therefore to develop an editorial calendar. This technique will allow you to save time, but to bring the contents adapted to determining targets and all this continuously. To post at the right time, you can use built-in content planning tools like Tweetdeck for Twitter for example. You can also use external scheduling tools to synchronize your social media accounts. You will thus be able to directly manage your publications from these tools (Social media tool in HubSpot, Hootsuite, Sprout Social for example) 

It is important to do behavioral analyzes in parallel. And that’s what these planning tools will serve you for. They allow you to centralize your data and lead you to these performances analyze your planning and thus adapt your editorial calendar according to the expectations of your targets and your customers. 

It is about capturing the interest of your prospect by offering them interesting content, stimulating your community, and inviting them to say their impressions on your services or to comment on your latest construction site for example. For all questions, you must provide a suitable answer. Even more, it is essential to subtly encourage them to share your publications on social networks. 

Remember to respect the rules of conduct in terms of social media: transparency, authenticity, respect for people’s privacy, loyalty, and the mastery of emotions. 

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