What are tasks that fall under the CSPO role?

The (CSPO) certified scrum product owner is considered to be the most important stakeholder of the whole process of project development and execution. The product owner is the person who will provide the vision to the organization so that the product can be developed and executed with the help of the scrum team. The product owner must ensure that the vision is correctly interpreted and understood by all the people so There are many roles and responsibilities under the tag of the product owner. Some of them have been mentioned as follows:

The implementation process can be done correctly and successfully.

  The product owner has to clearly define his or her vision:

 It is the role and responsibility of the product owner to define the vision clearly which he or she has for a particular product. With the help of providing the organization with a clear picture of products and their goal, the achievement process will be made easy. The product owner of it also has to communicate properly all the associated things with the organization so that all the stakeholders are highly satisfied. A minor misplacement in words at the time of communication can lead to failure of the whole project. So, the product owner must ensure that his or her vision is completely and clearly understood by everybody. First of all, comes the vision of the product then project goals are formulated and then organizational goals are formulated. So, in case the vision is not clear nothing can be done. What is the difference between spot and pspo? What fits your requirements? Check out this CSPO vs PSPO guide by Woblogger.

 The product owner has to prioritize and manage the backlog of products:

When the vision has been clearly defined then comes the listing down of backlog items so that the discussions can be undertaken. The product owner also decides the priority of the backlog items based on business objectives. Setting the priority is extremely important so that the efforts of the development team are guided properly and move toward the desired direction.

 The product owner has also to act as a mediator:

 The product owner has the task of primary communication so that he can establish the main link between consumers and the organization. The product owner should have excellent communication as well as negotiation skills so that the deals can be cracked by him or her. He or she should be able to display the exact picture of consumers to the organization and vice versa. Apart from this he or she has also to solve different queries of the consumers and make sure that messages of the organization are correctly delivered to the consumers.

 The product owner should be able to evaluate as well as monitor the project’s progress:

It is the responsibility of the product owner to correctly evaluate the progress of the project till the last stage when the project is over and products are delivered. All the targets of delivery of product should be achieved timely. He or she should also be able to provide valuable solutions to the organization so that the overall process can be improved and shortcomings can be overcome.

 Hence scrum product owner training can help in clarifying all the rules and responsibilities to the product owner so that he or she is loyal towards the job.

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