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How Youtube Counts Video Views – Insights into the Algorithm

No doubt, the video counts are one of the most important parameters for any YouTube channel. The number of counts that your videos are consistently getting determines the success or failure of your YouTube channel.  

For a broad view, the YouTube views count on a video reflects the number of times the particular video has been watched. However, is it that simple? No. While it looks simple, there is a lot that goes behind the scenes. 

YouTube follows a complex algorithm to determine the number of views on any video. The ideas are to maintain the fairness and authenticity of the platform. As budding YouTubers or marketing professionals, it is important to know how this algorithm works. It is also important to know what to consider as a view on YouTube. This becomes even more important if you are looking to buy YouTube views

You do not need to worry! In this post, we get you the answers to all these questions. We also share with you some insights into YouTube’s algorithm for counting views on the videos. Let us get straight into it! 

How important are views for YouTube? 

As important as they are for the psychological effect of it, views are very important for YouTube in so many ways. For the overall popularity of a video or Youtube Channel, views are an important aspect.

In fact, more number of views helps YouTube determine the other critical parameters like watch time, bounce rate, likeability, etc. with greater accuracy. Therefore, YouTube relies heavily on the viewers’ count in its algorithms. 

What does YouTube want?

As far as video views are concerned, YouTube wants to ensure that actual humans and not computer programs or robots watch the videos. Even if you buy YouTube views, the idea is to ensure that they are coming from legitimate sources, are real and not fake or manipulative in nature. 

How does the Algorithm work?

As soon as a video is uploaded on YouTube’s platform, the YouTube algorithm starts its work. It tracks down the source of each and every view that is coming on your video, to establish its authenticity. 

While this activity takes place, your viewer count may be ‘frozen’ for a while. In other words, you may not see the expected rise in number on your videos for a brief period of time. However, once the legitimacy of the views is established, the viewer count is updated more frequently and in real-time. 

Please, note that YouTube’s algorithm is constantly monitoring your numbers, and the count may be adjusted at any point in time. 

YouTube Analytics

Having understood a few things about the algorithm, here is another tool that YouTube offers – YouTube analytics. Using this, you can monitor the number, sources, and demographics of the views on your videos, in real-time.

Understanding YouTube’s algorithm is very important if you are planning to buy YouTube views. Ensure that you buy YouTube views that are REAL so that you are not defying the YouTube terms of service. 

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