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Why do you need Business Video Maker for presentations and sales materials

Recently, there are more and more opportunities to use videos in presentations. In addition, we often encounter situations where the other party uses a tablet device to show the video to the customer as sales material. This means that “video” has a very important role for presenters and sales people.

Therefore, in this article, I will introduce “Why Business video Maker is the best for producing presentation videos and videos for sales materials”. We will explain whiteboard animation in detail from the perspectives of psychology, marketing, and overseas research results.

If you have a problem with the video used for the presentation or sales at the customer’s site, please read this article.

Why Business Video Maker is best for Presentation Videos and Sales Materials Videos

Videos have the following features.

  • Viewers are attracted to the video
  • 15% more likely to remain in the viewer’s memory than usual
  • Information to be transmitted can be made uniform
  • Efficient information transmission is possible

These features are a great advantage in presentation and sales material videos. These four points are summarized in a video using Business Video Maker.

Please take a look while paying attention to whether these elements really exist.

Features 1: Viewers are attracted to videos

The feature of videos using Business video maker is that viewers are attracted to the videos.

By using whiteboard animation, it is possible to create “videos that significantly reduce the withdrawal rate of videos = videos that attract viewers”.

Feature 2: 15% more likely to remain in the viewer’s memory than usual

The content of the video will be burned into the viewer’s memory by 15%.

Therefore, if you use the business video maker for presentations and sales material videos, you can impress the viewer more deeply.

Here’s an interesting experiment to prove this. Psychologist Richard Wiseman conducted an experiment in which 1000 subjects were shown a general video and a whiteboard animated video and the results were compared. The experiment revealed two results:

  • The majority of subjects preferred videos.
  • Those who watched the video could remember 15% more of the content.

From this, you can see that if you use Business video maker in presentations, sales material videos, etc., you can impress the viewer more deeply.

 Feature 3: The information to be transmitted can be made uniform.

Whiteboard animation also has the feature of “uniforming the information to be conveyed”. Whiteboard animations have a simple look. From the simply constructed whiteboard animation, the information transmitted to the viewer is as close to the same as possible.

Therefore, regardless of the skill of the presentation / sales staff, it is possible to convey the image of the company and products uniformly.

 Feature 4: Efficient information transmission is possible

In many cases, presentation time and sales negotiation time are limited. Therefore, the person in charge must make effective use of the limited time. It is necessary not only to transmit information in advance, but also to provide information according to the problems and issues of the other party and to build a further relationship of trust.

In that respect, the use of business video maker is very effective.

By using video, it is possible to convey “5,000 times more information than information is conveyed in text sales materials.”

The best Business Video Maker

Business Video Maker is the best software by which you can create your own explainer video. You can add music, pictures, various other elements and effects, and lots more from its free available media gallery. You need not be a professional of editing in order to create your promotional and explainer video. You can do it within minutes with the help of readymade templates.

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