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Top 5 Most Popular Game Genres

The global Gaming industry is flourishing at a tremendous speed. Today, online gaming is not just a form of entertainment. With a variety of new games penetrating the realm, gaming has become a hot favourite among the masses. No matter what age group a person belongs to enthusiasm for online gaming can be found in everyone. Similar, to a wide variety of gamers, there is an equally wide choice for game genres too. 

To know what game types are the most popular among gamers, let’s read below: 

1. Action-Adventure games

Action-adventure games are one of the most popular game genres. Portraying rich storylines, exhilarating challenges, puzzles, and unending explorations, action-adventure games have garnered the attention of gamers on a large scale. This fusion of action and adventure involves games with a plot and the main character where players get a chance to control the actions of the protagonist. The action involved in the game offers you thrilling anticipation while the adventure draws in you an unrivalled spirit of exploration. 

Examples: Super Mario 3D Land, Fallout 4, and Subnautica.

2. Sport games

Another notable game type to our list is sports. Sports is one of the oldest genres of the gaming world. These games involve simulating real-world sports of tennis, cricket (10 Best Cricket Games In The World For Android), basketball, or football. Moreover, the games are based on the exact specifications, protocols, structure, and the players of the real world. The opposing team in the game can either be controlled by your system or real gamers. Sports games provide players with a higher level of engagement with real-time sports. 

Examples: FIFA 18, FIFA 19, NBA Street Vol 2. 

3. Role-Playing games

Role-playing as the name suggests is the game where players presume the roles of fictional characters. By getting into the role of a character player becomes responsible for taking actions on his behalf. Based on the skill set of chosen character player thrives to achieve the set goals of the game. Thus, role-playing games elevate the fun of being part of the game. As a player, you get involved in the adventure, action, and strategy of the critical missions in the games. 

Examples: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Skyrim, Fallout 4. 

4. Battle Royale games

Battle Royale is a newly introduced game genre. But the popularity of this particular game genre can’t be judged by its newness to the field. Despite being introduced shortly the Battle Royale games have surpassed the levels of popularity. They have taken the gaming world by storm. They are online multiplayer video games that involve different elements such as exploration, scavenging, and survival. These games revolve around the goal of becoming the last surviving man by eliminating the dozens of other players with you in the game. 

Examples: Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends. 

5. Simulator games

Last but not the least, the simulator games, these games have introduced a whole new level of excitement among gaming enthusiasts. These games are designed to simulate the activities of the real world. By participating in such games you get to feel each instance ranging from the lives of characters to the environment in the backdrop. One of the notable benefits of this genre is that it gets you moving. You do not have a particular goal in the game but you gain complete control over the character and the environment. 

Examples: SimEarth, World of Warships, and War Thunder.


Hence, the gaming industry has got a lot to offer you. And with time it is projected to get better. The above-mentioned genres are likely to take the topmost positions and rule the coming years. So, get started, download the best single-player PC games, try your hands on one or all of the styles, and have unlimited fun. 

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