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Top SMS Marketing Software & Platforms

It can seem like an endless “Where’s Waldo?” game trying to find the best Short Messaging Service (SMS) marketing platform for your company. Not to add, even the best among us can procrastinate endlessly by contrasting the features, costs, integrations, automation capabilities, APIs, and workflows.

Best SMS Marketing Software

1. TextMagic

If time is of the essence, TextMagic is the way to go. You may sign up and send messages with it in only a few minutes thanks to its incredibly quick setup. 

Although TextMagic may not be the most effective sms marketing platform available, it does strike a good balance between features and usability. An API, integrations, two-way text, scheduling, and MMS capabilities are all provided. Many companies will discover TextMagic provides all the features required to start sending.

TextMagic can help you send notifications, reminders, confirmations, alerts, and SMS marketing campaigns. Similar to Twilio, TextMagic charges a pay-as-you-go rate rather than a set monthly subscription. Your account is cost-free; the only fee is $0.04 per text.

2. Twilio

The full-text marketing software solution is Twilio. It has robust automation and segmentation tools, as well as APIs and connectors to link SMS to any of your workflows, applications, or websites.

Twilio is a cloud communications platform, in contrast to the majority of the other SMS text messaging systems on this list (often referred to as a communications platform as a service or CPaaS). Instead of using a monthly pricing tier, you pay for texts sent and received as well as carrier rates. Twilio offers local phone lines for as little as $1.00/month, and a single text message can be sent for as little as $0.0075. Moreover, you can get a toll-free number.

3. Simple Texting

For simplicity of usage, SimpleTexting is a fantastic text marketing tool. Users may quickly design new campaigns and get them up and running because to the user interface’s simplicity of use.

SimpleTexting is the best option if you want to launch mass text message campaigns rather than initiate direct communication with clients. The platform enables two-way messaging, segmentation, scheduling, auto replies, and bulk SMS.

Simple pricing is offered. At $29/month, you can send up to 500 SMS and receive an unlimited number of messages. Your package includes a phone number.

4. SlickText

One of the greatest SMS marketing services for small businesses is SlickText, which allows them to send mass texts. To make managing your text campaign easy, it has marketing automation capabilities like workflows, scheduling, and autoresponders.

You can follow along as it walks you through adding contacts, setting up your account, and sending your first campaigns with a ton of videos and written instructions to get you up and running. The analytics, reporting, dashboards, and customer data are all quite thorough.

It doesn’t help that SlickText offers 9 (count ’em) different plans, which adds to the pricing’s confusion. Once you pass the Lil Bro plan, the main points of differentiation are the quantity of texts you can send each month and the Textwords that are offered.

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